Did you remember to clean your connectors?


It is hard to exaggerate the importance of cleanliness in the fiberoptic field. One unfortunate displaced grain of dust can make the difference between hassle-free operation and serious disruption. In our portfolio you will find everything you need to keep all ypur connectort squiky clean. We have AFL Videoprober,  One-Click rensepenner, rensepinner, rensekassetter and so forth.


Use this link to download a nice guide to cleaning and inspection.



We have also made this smart poster to use as a rule of thumb. Hang it a place you always see it!


(print version)


So how do i pick the right equipment?


We have all the equipment you need to preform regular cleaning and inspection of your equipment.

On this page you can find quite a few great packeges we have set togehter top make it easier for you to choose exactly what you need.