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Fiberworks AS 959 977 046
Adresse: Eikenga 11, 0579 Oslo, Norway
Telefon: +47 23 03 53 30

About Fiberworks

Fiberworks delivers cost-effective and high quality solutions to the fiber optic market. We will always strive to provide good service, serve our customers and deliver cost effective products and solutions according to the customers needs.

We have the expertise to assist all the way from product development, through delivery and testing of the final installations.


Our values are precision, result-oriented, respect and solution-focused. These values are central in our company and is reflected in our work today and into the future. By offering the right solutions, solid expertise and good availability, we would like Fiberworks to be your natural choice for optical solutions.

Our vision:

Your choice for optical solutions

Our mission:

Fiberworks delivers cost-effective products and solutions of high kvaltitet to the fiberoptic market.