XFP, L-64.2, 9.5-11.1 Gbps, 80km

CWDM 1511 nm, 24dB, SM, Cisco ASR

Product nr: XFP-ZOC192LR2-C51-CA
DescriptionTechnical info
• IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-LR 10.3125 Gb/s
• 10GFC Rev.4.0 1200-SM-LL-L 10.5128 Gb/s
• SDH/SONET ITU-T G.691, ITU-T G.709

• Compatible with XFP MSA Rev. 4.5
• Compliant to IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-LR at 10.3125 Gbit/s
• Conforms with Fibre Channel 1200-SM-LL-L at 10.51875 Gbit/s
• Compliant to SDH/SONET ITU-T G.691, ITU-T G.709
• Up to 80 km transmission on 9/125 µm SMF G.652
• Hot pluggable 30 pin connector
• CWDM IML laser
• Duplex LC-connector interface
• Compliant with the EU RoHS 6 Environmental Requirements
Technical info

Product information

Form factor XFP
Protocol / bit rate
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10G Fibre Channel
  • SDH STM-64
  • OTN/G.709 OTU-2
Media type Singlemode
Reach (dB) 24
Reach (km) 80
Wavelength (nm) CWDM
Connector LC Duplex

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