X2 to SFP+ converter

for Cisco switches

Product nr: TRX-X2-SFP
Alt. varenr: CVR-X2-SFP10G
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This converter module converts a 10 Gigabit Ethernet X2 port into a 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ port. It gives customers the flexibility to use the 10 Gigabit X2 interface port of a switch with X2 modules or SFP+ modules.
This flexibility is useful when a specific type of interface is not available as a X2 module or when customers want to use the same form factor for interfaces across multiple platforms deployed in their network.
For DDM/DOM to function properly the module has to be coded according to the type of SFP+ to be used. Please select the correct type of SFP+ from the "SFP-type" pulldown. For CWDM, select ER or ZR according to the range of the xWDM module.
  • Use SFP+ in X2 port
  • Compatible with a long list Cisco switches with X2 interfaces.
  • For a complete list of compatible products see this page and search for the CVR-X2-SFP10G module.
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Form factor X2

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