WDM solutions


WDM is abbreviation of Wavelength Division Multiplexing and is the technology of choice when there is a need for a lot of capacity on multiple channel on an optical fiber. It comes in different varieties that cover different needs for capacity and reach.


CWDM is the simplest flavor of WDM and provides up to 18 different channels on the same fiber, each with a capacity of up to 10 Gbps.

Fiberworks can offer a wide choice of CWDM multiplexers with varying number of channels and in different form factors. We can thus cover the whole spectrum of applications such as data center solutions, offshore/subsea, CATV and so on.

We have the best solutions on the market whether your priority is ease of use, compactness or robustness.



DWDM can increase the capacity in the fiber to e.g. 40 channels with little or no extra complexity when compared to CWDM. The two WDM flavors can also be combined into what is then called hybrid WDM.

Fiberworks offer DWDM multiplexers with 8, 16 or 40 channels / wavelengths. Most varieties with 8 or 16 channels are specially designed for use with CWDM in order to increase the capacity on existing links.

All our DWDM multiplexers are based on the standard ITU wavelengths as specified in G.692.1.


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