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Fiberworks 8 ch. DWDM Mux/Demux, SC/APC

ITU ch.19-26, Single fiber, Upg&mon port

Product no: F-DMUX-S8+1-1926-MSA
DescriptionTechnical info
- Dense WDM in compliance with ITU-T G.694.1
- 8 DWDM channels 19-26 with 100 GHz spacing
- Upgrade port for additional channels
- 2% monitor ports for easy troubleshooting
- For bidi operation on single fiber  
- Protocol transparent (support 1G, 10G etc.)
- Two modules fit in 1U in 19" rack  
- SC/APC connectors
Technical info

Product information

Form factor Fiberworks
Fiber type SM
Line fiber Single (bidi, mux/demux)
OADM No, mux/demux
Expansion port Yes, 1550WB
Monitor port No
Connector type Angled (APC, for CATV)